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Artist Bio

Double Fly Art Center

The Double Fly Art Center established in 2008, graduates by 9 young people graduated from identical academy and department. All the time, “Double Fly” to the name of a “Art Center" organization and creation seems to be related with the contemporary art activities and works, They specializes in a great variety of artistic model, traditional's like Ink of birds and flowers, sketch avatar; modern’s such as modern dance, the third brother animation. At manifestations, the famous full_media artist Wang Twoball  commented Double Fly: “They sometimes rigorous sharp, direct plug system defects, sometimes delightful, free outside of the hustle and bustle of their appearance is not deliberately high-profile but always attract all audience, the various civilian spectators and veteran acclaimed as a natural.” While they insist their own artistic creation, they appears together in any kind of situation like some life public place, the art exhibition opening and so on. They always make the person surprise because of their performance. For example they acted the robber in the bank which was repairing to take remnant. When they was in the washing footroom and have massages, they groaned like xanthic film actress. Played with the computer games to grouped a rock and roll band and perform in live. They also made mtv like entertainment stars to make CD sale and so on. They do not think their performance relate with their artistic creation. So when they invited to join the art exhibitions they always to make exhibition funny. Currently live and work in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Members: CUi Shaohan, HUANG Liya, LI  Fuchun, LI Ming, LIN Ke, SUN Huiyuan, WANG Liang, YANG  Junling, ZHANG Lehua

Solo Exhibitions

2019  Exhibition No Flashy No Forget 3, Double Fly In Search of Lost Time The Stockman of LOVE, de Art Center, Beijing, China;

2017  The Bro Generation, de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing, China; Run Peachland Run, SNAP, Shanghai, China;

2016  Double Fly 108 Deaths, chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China;

2015  Double Fly Egg-crushing Tournament, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Double Fly’s Klein Blue, Space Station, Beijing, China; Double Art Centre  Right Means the Narrow Escape for Poets, As Good As Water, Art Museum of Nanjing  University of the Arts, AMNUA No.0 Hall, Nanjing, China;

2012  Double Fly 24 Hours Naked Painting  Competition, Shanghai Jiashan Road, Shanghai, China; Double Fly, The Way To Go! - Sounds Like A Real Name,  Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China;

2010  Double Fly Palace, Space Station, Beijing, China;

2009  Who Care About the Future, M50, Shanghai, China;

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019  Society Guidance Part 2, UCCA,  Beijing, China;

2018  #YOU #ME #OURSELFIES, Videotage, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong; Immortal City, Marina Art Museum, TianJin;

2016  WE: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists, chi K11 art museum, Shanghai, China;

2015  15 Rooms, Long  Museum, Shanghai, China; Live At,  Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China; The BANK Show - Vive le Capital, Bank, Shanghai, China;

2014  Resolution, SNAP, Shanghai, China

Watch Your Steps, SNAP, Ming Sheng Art Museum,  Shanghai, China;  AMNUA International Project - IN|OUT Source, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China; Tomorrow’s Party, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art  (UCCA), Beijing, China; Wuhan 3rd Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, Beijing,  China; My Generation: Young Chinese Artists, Tampa Museum of Art, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Pandamonium - Media Art From Shanghai, Momentum, Berlin, Germany;

2013  The 14th OPEN International Performance Art Festival, Space Station, Beijing, China; Fulter the Public, SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project, Shanghai, China; Bare Life, Space Station, Beijing, China; Fuck Off 2, The Groninger Museum, Holland; Different - China's Experimental Exhibition of Young Artists, CAFA Art  Museum, Hangzhou, China;

2012  Strayed Representation, Tang  Contemporary Art, Beijing, China; Just What Is It About The End Of The World That Makes It So Appeling?, V Arts Center, Shanghai, China; SEE/ SAW Schedule and Collective Introduction, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing, China; Conscious Folly, AM Art Space, Shanghai, China; Sensation, V Arts Centre, Shanghai, China; Get It Louder: Future, Sanlitun  Village Orange Hall, Beijing, China; The First CAFAM · Future Exhibition, CAFA Art  Museum, Beijing, China;

2011  Gallery Hotel Art Project, Gallery Hotel, Beijing, China; Catch The Moon In The Water, James Cohan Gallery, New York, USA; The Third Party - An  Exhibition In Three Acts: A Group Celebration!, Platform China, Beijing, China;

2010  Screenage Art Document Exhibition - EMOTION, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing, China; Get It Louder: SHARISM, Shanghai  

800 Show/ Sanlitun SOHO, Shanghai/ Beijing, China; Neither Intentional Nor Forgettable, 9 Shift Station, Shanghai, China; Jungle - A Close-Up  Focus On Chinese Contemporary Art Trends, Platform  China, Beijing, China;