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Seung Ae Lee: Becoming

We are pleased to announce our new exhibition Becoming by Korean artist Seung Ae Lee opening at de Art Center on Saturday 7th July 17:00. Works exhibited include animation videos as well as a site-specific work executed on the wall of the space. This exhibition is curated by Wonseok Koh the guest curator of de Art Center.

Currently based in London, Lee is active on art making. In the last few years, the artist has been concentrating on animation works based on her pencil drawings on paper, by which she became celebrated internationally. To initial an art making, Lee would firstly draw an image which is erased by a rubber to turn the original picture to a new one. Constantly repeating the drawing and erasing, traces remained and new elements are overlapped and accumulated until only the final transformed image and the traces of erasure remain in the end. Based on thousands of drawings, these images are finally made into a video with music composed by Lee herself.

Unpredictable fluidity is the essence of Lee’s works. Before drawing, the artist would intentionally avoid having any narrative structure or theme. Instead she focuses on the image in front of her and strive to capture sensibilities raised. By doing so, the continuous transformation of the image becomes a series of metamorphoses abiding the artist’s intuitive sense in her perception of form. Such intuitive flows finalize in a unique narrative that escapes the anticipation of even the artist herself.

For example,in the 10-minute animation Becoming, two thousand drawings are comprised. These images transform freely into various forms, transcending limitations of time and space. When entering  the exhibition, audiences will step into an affluent world of irrationality and unpredictability. 

Exhibition Information

Artist: Seung Ae LEE

Curator: Wonseok KOH

Opening: 2018.07.07 17:00

Dates: 2018.07.07 - 2018.09.28

Venue: de Art Center

Supported by Mr. LIU Yan